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moving to note 20 ultra 5g unlocked from note10+

Moving to my Note 20 Ultra 5G from Note 10+. Used Smart Switch and not all apps, settings, settings for Gmail accounts, logins for those Gmail accounts and POP email accounts  transfered. Settings for those apps didn't transfer either even after installing those apps fresh On the phone as I thought maybe that would be an issue. 

 When I transferred from the note 9 to the Note 10 plus it was Flawless and I never had an issue and I did it the same way with the exception that I did at wirelessly then but when you're transferring 120 GB + using the wired method saves time. 

 The main thing I'm after is my Samsung watch and earbuds device information didn't transfer into the Galaxy wearables section so now I've lost all my data or maybe not?

 I still have the old phone and am ready to wipe it but wanted to see if somebody knew a solution. Also all of my typing I do I have to go back and do the double tap and save the words. I use Smart Keyboard PRO which I have used for years as I like the double lettered keyboard and I use T9 for typing so the words are easier to type. I am doing all of this typing using Google Voice to Text as I turned off the Samsung as I didn't want any conflict with the Google. 

 I have an application called app to SDpro so after I moved all of my information over using the cable to link the two phones while on wireless chargers for 3 and 1/2 hours I went in app to SD and it says I have to move everything over to the SD card which I don't mind. 

 Main thing is now my SD card is full and I can't find the app to SD card files that were saved in there before so I can delete them and free up storage space on my SD card so I can then transfer them back to the SD card with the freshly installed ones that are updated from my phone.