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note 20 ultra sd card plus wireless charging

On my Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, I attempted to insert a Samsung Evo 512GB MicroSD card into the phone. When I do so, my phone starts to claim that it is charging wirelessly despite being nowhere near a wireless charger. This does not stop until I remove the SD card.


I have attempted to restart my phone while the SD card is inserted to no changed behavior. I have restarted my phone while the SD card is removed to no changed behavior. I have put the phone in airplane mode and turned off NFC (suggested on internet) to no changed behavior. I have also attempted this with fast wireless charging enabled and disabled, to no changed behavior.


If I put my phone on a wireless charger (Samsung Duo stand) while this bug is occurring, the Duo charger light turns on but nothing changes on the phone for a while. After a few minutes of this, the phone hard turned off and I had to turn it back on myself.


I am on One UI version 2.5, Android 10, Build number QP1A.190711.020.N986U1UES1ATK1, with Android security patch level November 1, 2020. I use Google Fi as my wireless carrier.