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Re: premium care not available for Note 20?


I just added Samsung Care Plus to my Unlocked Samsung Note 20 5G Ultra 512GB phone. I did run into a problem, when trying to use my Discover Card (it is on the list of valid cards), but got it working by using my Amazon Credit Card (by Chase).

The step I took were:

- Start the Samsung Members app on the phone (Unlocked Note 20 5G Ultra 512GB).
- Found the blue "Benefits" button and pressed it.
- Went to the bottom of the benefits list and found the Care + entry (2nd from the bottom for me).
- Got a screen with a picture and a "Buy NOW" button, which I pressed.
- Then taken to a screen asking for my IMEI number (already filled in using the phone you're on), your email address, and a check box saying "I'm not a robot."
- You'll be asked your name, mailing address, cell phone number, home number, etc (next page).
- You'll be asked billing information. I tried to use my Discover card, but kept getting generic error messages. Finally, I gave up and tried my Amazon Credit Card (by Chase) and it worked.
- I got a message saying I was successful.
- I got an email saying I was successful.
I went back in and tried to update my biling information to use my Discover card, but again got the same generic error. The thing is list of accepted credit and debit cards include the Discover car.

Hope this helps you in some positive manner. If it does, please, like it and consider accepting it as a solution. Thank you.

Re: Re: premium care not available for Note 20?

This shockingly worked for me. You're a genius 👏