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received Images pixelated

I've been receiving pixelated images since getting my new Note 20 Ultra.


Testing it with my wife, she gets an option to send an image as SMS or MMS. The SMS image comes through all pixelated while the MMS image comes through clear.


I've searched the internet for about a month, and it seems there is some issue with compression (or in this case decompression) but given that the sender specifying the image be sent as MMS results in a clear image, I'm not convinced that the other solutions apply. My expectation to this point has been that Images send as MMS by default and It's odd to me that sending as SMS is even an option.


Rather than messaging my whole contacts list and asking them to adjust their settings to fit my needs (and with the expectation that few would know HOW, letalone would adjust). Is there a way to adjust my own settings to change how I decompress/decode SMS images?


Probably the most conclusive solution to incoming messages was from here

Why are incoming MMS pictures blurry and pixelated? 


however, everyone seems to have the same assumption i did (default to MMS), and I find it difficult to believe that the only option is to change my texting app to (apparently) the only app that can handle the process in a meaningful way.




Re: received Images pixelated

try download samsung members app and submit a ticket.
once you open, click +, then click error report


Re: received Images pixelated

Any luck with this?