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Android 10

Ok last time because now I'm starting to sound whiny. But a last message to Samsung I hope someone actually sees. If you think that android 10 is too difficult for note 8 and s8 at least try to give us a scaled down version just anything in the way of support apart from security patches. Otherwise Samsung may lose loyal customers and by extension their friends and family. 


Re: Android 10

I agree with you 100% User15wzE2ZSu3. I think more Samsung S8 & Note 8 users will be very upset if we don't get the Android 10 update. Upset enough to either switch to a different device all together or NEVER buy another flagship thru Samsung. Because who wants to spend hundreds of dollars to receive only 2 major updates? NOONE. Even wealthy people don't like spending unnecessary money. So ALL Samsung S8 and Note 8 customers are praying & hoping that Samsung will show just how much that they appreciate us (their customers) by giving us this last update to Android 10. And Samsung Customer Care we know you are reading this so if you think that only some S8 & Note 8 users want this update badly & the other half dont care I got an idea . . . you can email or mail your customers whom you know own an S8 or Note 8 a survey and see just how many of your customers are counting on you to bring them Android 10 as their last update on their S8 or Note 8.