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Camera flickering issue in Selfie mode



I have noticed when I use my samsung note 8 camera in selfie mode more than the back facing camera there is a strong flickering bars that comes on the frame. When I record a video in selfie mode the flickering bars can be seen, these bars are like when you try to record a TV that is on sometimes then you see these bars appear on the camera. - this is the type of flickering bars that appears, does any one know why this appears in selfie camera mode? It's really annoying and seems like each time I clear the camera cache then it goes away but then reappears on the camera after a number of hours. I have to clear the cache again for it to go away. I'm thinking of returning this phone and it appears it's a phone issue. Any help will be much appreciated. 


Re: Camera flickering issue in Selfie mode

Just to add to the above I have compared it with samsung A71 handset and a Huawei handset and they seem to fine fine no camera flickering issue however my note 8 does heck my note 4 never had this issue. Is this is phone/software issue? And shall return the handset?