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Current Best 6 foot USB 3 to USB C Cables for the note 8?

Does anyone know of the current best USB 3 to usb C cables that are 4 to 6 feet in length? I saw a anker braided 6 foot cable on amazon, but one reviewer found it's length was causing file transfer problems, and file corruption, also the USB C side plug is oversized for the port slightly causing issues for some people. So I'm looking for the best before spending lots of money trying on mediocre cables.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Current Best 6 foot USB 3 to USB C Cables for the note 8?

I as well do have a 3ft Anker Powerline+ type-c/type-c cable & tho it is built very durable and works well with fast charging/data transfer the type-c connector is rather big and can cause it to not fit with certain cases. When it comes to just best performance with charging & data transfers I find the OEM Samsung cable that came with my Note10 to be the best for me as it causes no issues and is built 100x more durable then a lightning cable ever was. If you want to go with a braided nylon cable the Amazon Basics cables are pretty good as well.