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DeX aspect ratio on display

I have put an old 4x3 monitor into action for use with my DeX.  With the screen monitoring function, it is just fine, although stretched out vertically (I cannot change this on my monitor).  What I really want is for it to have a windows-like display.  When I put it on that function, I get what I believe to be a 16x9 display with only a few of my apps showing, and not necessarily the ones on the home page for my phone.  FYI, I have more than one page of apps on my phone.  It also does not show the 9 dots that would make me able to access other apps.  Lastly, it is spread out too wide for my monitor screen and I can't even get to those apps that do show, and I have not found a way to scroll sideways to see other pages of apps.  The adjustments on my Dell FP1905 monitor allow me to move the display horizontally or vertically but not to change the aspect ratio.  Nor can I find how to do that in the DeX app.
Do you have any suggestions?  I sure want to use it in this mode.  If there is no way to change the aspect ratio of the display, I could live with a reduced version of the 9x16 with a black strip top and bottom, but can't seem to get there either.