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Dont Remember Pattern Password

Somehow my Note 8 is not accepting my pattern password.  I dont want to do a factory reset and lose all of my data.  I have tried all types of patterns but to no avail.  I now have to wait 4 minutes to try again.   

My phone is registered in this samsung's site, but I am also not able to find the cell at


I can see my phone at and make my phone ring and add text to my home screen.  


Can someone help me please?  I dont want to lose my data.

Product Expert

Re: Dont Remember Pattern Password

Hi @userVig2tATF3J 


If you not able to unlock your device through find my Samsung it means that the remote capabilities weren't turned on from the phone and unfortunately the only way to get back into the device would be through a factory reset. Keep in mind that there is also a Google lock on your phone and after the reset you will have to know the Google info to get through the initial setup of the phone. If this helped you please like and mark as solved.