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International Dialing Prefix 011 Added to All Phone Numbers

I have an issue that is discussed in many forums found on the Internet, however the replies do not seem to pertain to my phone as the options to resolve are not available in my menus.

When I tap on a phone number found on a website, or if I ask Google ("OK Google") to call a merchant for me, or even if I tap a link to a phone number on Google Maps, Yelp! or likewise, my phone automatically adds "+1" to the phone number on my dialing pad (no matter what browser I use). With or without a "1", the phone should dial the US based phone number with no issues.  However, when I hit <send>, my phone converts the "+1" to "011" and I get the recorded message, "The number or code you have dialed is incorrect".  If i remove the "+" or the "+1", I can be connected with no issue.  

In the submenu of <Other call settings> in <Phone settings>, the "US Dialing" option makes no difference to the way the call is processed.  Also, no matter what number I enter under "International Dialing" makes any difference, either.  

I've had a smart phone for the last 10 years and have owned my Galaxy Note8 ever since it was released.  Only within the past 6 months has this problem been plaguing me.  Tech support at Sprint tells me that it is a Google problem, however posts I find in other forums make me doubt that. 

Any suggestions? Please, and thank you!