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Issues with instagram

I would like to report an issue on my instagram.

My phone is samsung note 8 and my instagram app is updated (version

Yesterday, i had trouble logging in to my IG account on my phone. It said "sorry there was a problem with your request".

But, I tried to log in on another devices and on internet browser (like Chrome, internet browser on phone or laptop), it succeed. 


I have been reinstalling instagram a few times, cleared cache and clear data, but I still cant log in on my phone. I also tried to login using another username, but still error.


A few weeks or months ago, i had similar issue which the highlights on people's account couldnt be seen (using my instagram app). But those could be seen using my friends' instagram app. We have the same version of it.


I think it's a bug or my samsung and instagram arent compatible. Idk



Please help.