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Just wondering who else is planning on jumping ship...

Been with the Note family since the Note4 which I still love using as a spare phone for trips, pictures and video. And all the notes there after. But though at the moment on my Note 8 which is still a great phone, I'm still contemplating if I will be upgrading to the upcoming Note 20 if its life cycle that Samsung will support it is only 2yrs. as their OS upgrading history is pretty consistent. How many is thinking of going with any other manufacturer like Google Pixel, etc. who will still maintain pushing upgrades to their phones?


Re: Just wondering who else is planning on jumping ship...

Samsung has the best Android UI in my opinion. Can't imagine using any other phone honestly. I have never tried a Pixel, One Plus, etc. I started off with my S4 and have stuck with Samsung ever since. Updates or not, I usually upgrade once or twice a year anyways.