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Moving from T-Mobile to Total Wireless

Model: SM-N950U 



I bought my Note8 from Samsung with T-Mobile activated on it last year. At the begining of the month I ported over to Total Wireless and subsequently unlocked the phone using T-Mobile's unlock app. Now that I'm over at Total Wireless I'm having issues using 4G and MMS features. gives some settings that will enable 4G connection but MMS is still wishy-washey. I've seen some suggestions on XDA to flash Verizon's firmware onto my phone, but I was hoping someone had a safer idea.


  • July 1st: Ported my number and restarted phone, phone wasn't unlocked - oops!
  • July 18th: Unlocked my phone and restarted, no data or texting
    • Talked to TW and they gave me APN settings to get 3G and texting. I could receive MMS's at this point, but not send them.
    • Went to and used their preferred settings, restarted, and got a 4G connection but lost MMS capability.
  • July 20th: TW had me factory reset my phone and gave me the 3G settings again, but still cannot send MMS's.
    • The kicker is that while talking to me they said that my phone can only handle GSM networks DESPITE several websites saying it has CDMA bands. As far as they're concerned, I shouldn't be able to operate on their network.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Moving from T-Mobile to Total Wireless

@Samsung_xpxVpAl Have you tried getting in contact with your carrier and swapping sim cards?