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No notifications or messages

So I get a notification from the Samsung members app. Then I tap on it. The Samsung members app opens. I see a bunch of unrelated posts. I tap the notification icon - no notifications. I tap the messages icon - no messages. There appears no way to see old notifications or icons.

So what is the point of the notifications if I can't open them? Esp. when the notification is too long to see all of it in the notification list.


Re: No notifications or messages

Usually Samsung Member app gives notifications if battery is low and other suggestions for you device. Can you give what the notifications say so that we can give the correct answer. If you want you can download Good Lock app from Galaxy Store in there you'll see NotiStar, in there you can see what notifications are and other info. The Good Lock app also helps to add some missing features in Android Pie.



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OK. So I tried to post a reply to this post, but it got p...

OK. So I tried to post a reply to this post, but it got posted to another thread somehow. And I can't copy the text or delete that one (this is a really confusing app).

See the attached image. The notification is something about insecure wifi, but when I tap on it, I get taken to the Samsung Members app, but it says I am up to date on notifications and messages. There seems to be no way to see old ones.

I find it odd that I would need to install a separate app to see notifications produced by the Samsung Members app.

This happens with all messages from this app.

I may have changed a setting a while back to stop making a noise for a notification that kept coming up and every 5 minutes or so. But there don't seem to be any app settings I can use to control this. Weird.