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Note 8 stuck with Android 8.0. First time flashing firmware

Hi everyone, I don't know what happened to my phone but it stopped recieving updates since 2018 (I asked a question for this problem already:

I decided to try flashing the firmware by myself using Odin, but I've never done it before and I don't really want to brick my phone.

I have a note 8, SM-N950F/DS, I bought it online and I don't remember exactly from what country it comes from. I live in Italy and I have an Italian carrier. My phone is unlocked. Not rooted. On the phone informations it says "made in Vietnam"20200108_215113.jpg





I want to be sure I do everything correctly.

I go on Sammobile and look for SM-N950F firmwares.

My first question, what country should I choose? I read there is no difference except for the date you'll receive uptades.

Second question, what is the difference between "New Zealand" and "New Zealand (Vodafone)" for example? Does without Vodafone mean "unlocked" or "no-carrier"?

To flash the firmware, do I only need the latest version of Odin, and the files from Sammobile?

Will this root the phone? Will I recieve new updates without flashing the phone again?

And finally, last question, do I only need to: open Odin, Turn on the phone in "downloading mode", load the files I downloaded from Sammobile in their corresponding "place" in odin, connect the phone with the original cable, and click start right?


I'm so sorry for asking so many questions but I really have no idea on how to do this.