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Print spooler

I have a note 8. I started having printing issues last week. I use hp envy 5640. The printer will stop and I'll get a print spooler error message on my phone telling me printing has stopped or that I'm out of paper when I am not. I've uninstalled/reinstalled printer apps without success. I think it's a problem with the spooler on my phone.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Print spooler



I have some troubleshooting I think you should try to help alieve the symptoms you are experiencing. 


Open up the settings on your phone and scroll down to and select apps.

Within apps, tap on the 3 dots in the top right and select (show system apps)

Tap the magnifying glass and search print

Go into each print app (default print, print spooler, etc) and first force stop the app, then select storage and clear the cache and data for each app

Since you are using a hp printer, it would be a good idea to also force stop and clear cache and data for the HP app as well. 


After performing that, restart the phone and set up to print again and test to see if the same error message comes up.


If after this the error still occurs I would recommend reaching out to HP support for further assistance on this.