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S-Pay bottom favorite cards tab issue for OneUI & Nova (SOLUTION)

Hi all,

I have a Note8 and been using Samsung Pay & Nova launcher since day 1.

Ever since the latest OneUI update, my Samsung pay bottom tab for swiping up your favorite cards is gone. I see a lot of posts but no real solutions other than "Just map your bixby button to S-Pay". 
Yes, but we don't want that. If I default my launcher to OneUI, the issue is resolved, but any 3rd party launcher like Nova will make this favorites tab disappear. 


To solve this you must download and install Good Lock by Samsung!

Here are the steps:

1. Open Galaxy Store (in app drawer)

2. Search "Good Lock" and Install

3. Open Good lock and select "Task Changer" and install this as well.

4. The Task Changer needs to be "Enabled", any settings will do inside it.

5. Open Samsung Pay. Disable and renable Use Favorites Card for "Home Screen"

The bottom swipe up tab will now show up and not disappear!

You can restart the device to make sure it's fully working.

I've tried all other options and this is the only method that currently works.