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Samsung should let us unlock the bootloader of SM-N950U1 and SM-G950U1

Given that the Galaxy Note 8 and S8 will not be receiving Android 10, the fact that all of Samsung's other carrier-unlocked models such as the SM-N950F and Hong Kong unlocked Note 8 have unlockable bootloaders, and that every other major Android phone company in the US (Google, OnePlus, LG, Sony, even Essential etc) has unlocked bootloaders on their US carrier-unlocked models, Samsung should let SM-N950U1 (US unlocked Note 8) and SM-G950U1 (US unlocked S8) users unlock their bootloaders. In addition to this making their US unlocked devices great options for developers in the United States' vibrant Android development community, Samsung could allow users to install custom ROMs like LineageOS to get security patches and Android features that Samsung refuses to provide. Without these patches, users will be left open to attacks that KNOX would likely not be able to defend against. It makes no sense why my brother's Pixel 3A has this feature and my Note 8 doesn't.