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Samsungs stupid update policy

I seriously just about tired of samsung and their stupid update policy!!!!! I have had samsung MY WHOLE LIFE and Samsung i KNOW that you can see this!!!! My first phone with you was the note, then i went with the note 2 and on! I only had one S series and it was the 5 and now i have your note 8, and i just want you guys to know that you released it on android 7.1.1 nougat and that means that your update to oreo then pie is NOT 2 updates!! You released the note 10 lite running my processer, and that means that my phone can run android 10. I dont know why you wont do it, its like your afraid to show that you still care about your old phones. But remember..... THE NOTE 8 WASA YOUR SAVING GRACE FROM THE NOTE 7 EXPLODING FIASCO!!!!! YOU ARE L_O_S_I_N_G CUSTOMERS SAMSUNG, LOSING THEMMMMMMM!!!! PLease because if i hear that next month when 11 comes out or in the next couple months that you arent releasing 10 to the 8, I am leaving and going to google. Im dissapointed really. Because you are helping everyone else to buy their stuff, and you are losing customers. Thank you for the great phones! Whether they are 2 years old or not they are still amazing.