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Significant Application Issues

So I'm running on an unlocked Note 8 that I brought over from AT&T to T-Mobile. It has been running fine for almost a year on this network and has never given me an issue until recently. Suddenly Facebook and Facebook Messenger just quit working. They will open but freeze as soon at they open. Uninstalling and reinstalling will allow them to work once until the app is closed an reopened again. I have factory reset my phone to see if that would fix it, nothing. Additionally, Netflix app would only play audio and show a black screen and now the app will not install on the device at all, if I manage to find the app on the play store it says that the app is not compatible with this device. My wife has a note 8 as well and is not experiencing any of these issues. Any ideas?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Significant Application Issues

Have you already tried wiping the cache partition of the device?

Here are the steps to assist you further:

1.    Turn off the device.
2.    Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the Power key.
3.    When the Android logo displays, release all three keys.
4.    An ‘Installing system update’ message will show for 30 – 60 seconds before the Android system recovery menu options appear.
5.    Press the Volume down key several times to highlight wipe cache partition.
6.    Press Power key to select.
7.    Press the Volume down key to highlight yes, them and press the Power key to select.
8.    When the wipe cache partition is complete, Reboot system now is highlighted.
9.    Press the Power key to restart the device.

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