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Unwanted Screen Captures



I have tried to fix this issue but have not found a solution. On my Galaxy Note 8 the Power button and Volume Down button are almost directly opposite each other. The way my hand sits on the phone causes a lot of unwanted screen captures. You try to turn off the screen, you get a screen capture. If I make an effort to make sure I am not grabbing the phone opposite the power button I do not get the capture.


I have Palm Swiping enabled on the device, but this DOES NOT disable this feature.


Has Samsung done anything to address this? I have seen other models with this issue. It seems like a totally simple fix... simply allow this feature to be turned off.


Or is there something I am missing?


I do not want all these screen captures taken and I have been looking off and on for 6 months to find a solution.




Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Unwanted Screen Captures

I'm not sure if you have a case on your Note 8 or not but I found that having a case reduces the liklihood of accidental button clicks. 


FWIW, the Note 10 does NOT have the power button on the right side of the device. So changing to a Note 10 would definitely solve the issue for you. 


Re: Unwanted Screen Captures

Hi, and thanks for the reply.


Yes, I have a heavy duty case and it makes no difference. I cannot close the main screen without screen captures being taken (in many instances).


Why would Samsung simply not allow this feature to be turned off? Do they even know about it? Maybe an admin here knows how to report this or can find out the status of it.


See as another thread. There are quite a large number of folks affected by this.


Getting a Note 10 is not a good option unless Samsung wants to replace the device for free Smiley Happy. The Note 8 is not old and works great otherwise. It would only be a simple software option for them to add.