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Want to stop Pie/One UI Install Notifications

I have a T-Mobile Note8 running Android 8.0.0 and SamExp 9.0. I was forced to dl a 1.7GB system update (Pie/OneUI) that I will never install. I have seen this on my friends' Note8s and do not want any part of it. A big white screen pops up every 3 hours for almost a week before I can relegate it to a minor notification annoyance. I have run my phone for over 30 days without a reboot to avoid the big white screen, and have had no issues at all. My system is very stable, and I want to keep it that way. I want to disable this notification permanently. I want Samsung and Google to climb down out of my butt, and let me manage the device I paid hundreds of dollars for. I've been directed to package disabler apps, but I don't have a PC. I want to delete the downloaded update, recovering the wasted space, and never be bothered by this again. Somebody wrote the software, so somebody can disable it, is anybody willing to tell me how to do that?

Cosmic Ray

Re: Want to stop Pie/One UI Install Notifications

You can disable software updates with Package Disabler Pro for Samsung from the Play Store. 


Some people have had problems activating the application license since the June 2019 Security update.  I am using it on a Note8 (Android Pie, One UI 1.0), and a Tab4 (Android Pie, One UI 1.2). 


The developers also have a website that allows you to purchase their apps.


The XDA forum has several discussions on how to disable certain apps such as bloatware, and "temporarily" software updates.