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cannot draw into PenUp and Notes remotely



I have a niece who lives in another country and  I wanted to help her with learning. I was planning to use TeamViewer. 


I really love the following apps: PenUp app and Samsung Notes.  I was planning to use PenUp with my niece. This is how I was thinking. She can open the app on Tab S6 and I can remotely control her tablet using Teamviewer. This way we both can draw together and have fun.


I was trying this out on my Note 8 and touchscreen computer running Windows 10. For both apps I have enabled 'hand drawning' mode - I mean on my Note 8 I can draw in the app using S Pen as well as hand. I was not able to remotely draw for both Samsung apps, PenUp and Notes, using my computer.


By the way, I would like to use Notes to help her with math.


But with non-Samsung apps such as KidsDoodle and HandWritePro the above mentioned method does work. I'd love to use PenUp and Samsung Notes in the fashion described above. Is there any way to make it work? I'd really appreciate if you could help me. Thank you.