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note8 battery issue

I recently updated my note8 and eversince my phone loses battery rapidly. it lost 35% of charge over one night and also its over temperature and hot. plz dont tell me battery life is multifactorial because as i said, this happens since samsung latest update and before that i didnt have this problem, also im not a frequent user. but now, i have to charge my phone twice a day.

this is ridiculous. why you released an update which cause problems?

did anyone experince same problem?

someone tell me what to do??? how can i inform samsung help center and support to solve this problem?

i strongly expect samsung solve this as soon as possible

Cosmic Ray

Re: note8 battery issue

First of all, make shure you don't have too many apps open at once. To close all the apps, press the button to the left of the home button. Also, every time your phone dies, it gets worse at holding a charge. If you used your phone for a very long time than you might just need a battery replacement.