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re enable "slow charging" warning notification

My phone used to have a pop up message/warning when it was plugged into a slow charging device. i accidently clicked "do not show again". 


that message came in handy because i have a cable/charger combo in my car that sometimes goes into slow charging mode (its finicky). so this would let me know i need unplug and replug the phone so fast charging would kick in. 


now i dont know its slow charging until a few minutes later when i notice the phone is still draining even though its plugged in (i use it for navigation frequently). even worse, sometimes fast charging doesnt kick in on the first replug. so again, i waste more time seeing if the first replug worked. if not i try again and again, each time being a few minutes apart, wasting my time.

someone has to know how to re-enable to notification?!?!?