Powerbot 7040 making awful noise with brush


Powerbot 7040 making awful noise with brush



I have a Samsung Powerbot R7040 VR1AM7040WG/AA. Recently the machine started making an awful grinding noise when trying to vacuum. I normally keep the brush pretty clean, but I decided to replace the roll brush. Still making the sound.


I took the unit apart and cleaned out all the dog hair on the inside. I also took apart the brush motor and cleaned it out, it was very full. 


When I run the unit with a roller brush, it makes an awful noise, I am not so certain the brush is even spinning. When I take the brush out, the noise is mostly gone. I did notice a flat spot on the brush belt - probably 2-3 teeth are no longer there.


Is it safe to assume that I burned out the brush motor? 

Can anyone provide me a p/n for the brush motor?

I found a 7010 brush motor on ebay for sale, and it looks to be the same as what I have. Are the 7010 and 7040 motors the same?



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Re: Powerbot 7040 making awful noise with brush

If you are looking for parts for your device, you can visit Samsungparts.com or you can call 1.800.627.4368.

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