Powerbot R7070 Black Carpet


Powerbot R7070 Black Carpet

How do I get the Powerbot R7070 to go on and clean  my rooms that have  black/dark colored carpets? It will not go on the black/dark carpet, it is like it gets stuck and confused and shakes and then goes back and forth and then will shut down and does clean those rooms.  This is a big problem.  I know I saw something on the web site where someone else had this issue but looks like it is no longer a post or I cant find the post.  Thinking about returning as this seems to be specfic to Samsung Powerbots, any suggestion or what is the fix?  Thanks for any help.


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I have the same problem. After spending a half hour on the phone with someone I could not understand, she finally told me it will not automatically work with a dark fringed carpet. She said to pick it up, put it on the carpet and use the spot clean setting. 


Also so our kitchen goes right into a high ceiling living room our powerboat 7070 will not move into the area with the higher ceiling. Work fine in the low ceiling kitchen, hallway and bed rooms. 


Great at suction and cleaning capabilities but these two issues make me regret getting it. Should have waited another year until the technology is better 


any suggestions.


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I have received a reply from Samsung and not only being disappointed I am not sure but dont think I will keep the R7070 as three of my rooms have dark carpets. Samsun has confirmed Powerbots will not work on black/dark carpets.



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I am Surendra, from Samsung technical support. Thank you for writing to us. The Powerbot will not work on a black carpet, since it operates using an infrared (IR) sensor (Black materials prevent the IR sensors from working properly). 

If you have any other question related to Samsung products, feel free to write back to us. We will be glad to assist you further. 

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Honestly the reason for this is that the powerbot works using light sensors. The dark carpets or high ceilings can affect the light levels and the powerbot can't register them. Leading to the issues you're experiencing. I apologize for the inconveniences caused. 

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