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Bought a powerbot VR9350 this week and after having trouble creating a floor plan and looking online, this post was the closest to the same questions I had.  I now have answers so thought I'd share.


My main issue was the battery life. I tried moving the charging base, closing off smaller rooms, and closely watching "Bob" as we call him, roll back and forth through the house.  He'd never complete the floorplan.  The question I had was, would be find the charging station, recharge and continue where he left off if he ran out of battery during the floorplan creation model.  The answer is definitely YES!  I had this happen successfully twice now.


Several times the powerbot would get to the very last room of mapping and run Into a paper clip, small Lego, or something and abort with a power brush error.  As soon as this happens the floorplan is lost and the process must be restarted.  This is highly annoying.  I felt like it should be able to pick back up where it left off after clearing the brush.


We have a large, open floorplan, single story home and I really wanted the ability to call the vacuum to clean just a single room so the floorplan was essential.  Now that I've gotten one, I have some suggestions that might help.


1 - while creating the floorplan, pick EVERYTHING up off the floor before beginning.  Even vacuuming rooms with carpet before hand with a regular vacuum would ensure there's nothing left to stop or get caught in the brush of the powerbot.


2- I'd even pick up things you will normally leave down such as trash cans, chairs, magazine racks, etc to ensure the powerbot doesn't get stuck during mapping and not be able to find his way out.  During normal operation you can just rescue it, but during mapping you will be forced to restart the while process from the beginning!


3- start with a full battery! But remember the powerbot should find it's station and resume once fully charged.  I did have an instance where it couldn't find it's station.  I don't know if using the remote to guide it back would have lost the floorplan but I do know that picking it up to move it will as that's what I did!


4- Consider the direction you'd like the vacuum to roll in your house (up and back or side to side across the room).  Whichever way you think works best, orient the charger in that direction as it seems to make a difference.  We have 18" tiles in a standard grid pattern in all but the bedrooms.  When I placed the charger one way it would vacuum in strips across the house AND in every room.  When I reorientated the charging station to face longways it used long up and back strips which I think is more efficient for our home setup which is more long than wide.  The rooms now also get up and back strips rather than strips across the rooms width wise.


Now that I finally have a floorplan (that looks strikingly similar to our actual layout!) I am excited to use this on a regular basis.  It really is amazing technology and works generally really well.  I even have the base underneath a sofa table in the back of our room so it's invisible and it finds the charger every time.


Hope this helps someone!


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First let me say - the powerbot 9350 cleans amazing well - it gets up all hte dog hair...


However, the floor mapping feature leaves alot to be desired - it basically doesn't worked.  I followed all the instructioins and after 5 separate attempts...I finally got it to finish without getting stuck(thus resetting the entire process).


I was extremely excited!  But then I looked at the map - it didn't resemble anything like may actual layout...so I tried each "room" ...turns out it actually grouped rooms together which was confusing but it kind of worked.  But after a few uses - when I send it to clean a 3 of the 5 rooms - it says it can't located them???  


I am willing to work thru bugs...Is this being worked on?  I get no indicating that it is...seems like the product shipped is the product you are stuck with.  This device has so much promise but SAMSUNG does not seem to acknowledge or seem to be willing to work on fixing it.


There are other little issues - lift up errors, cliff errors and sometimes it can't find its way home when its 10 ft from the base...again...I can live with them - if there is an effort to make things better....and these only happen intermittently.    


But I paid the extra $$$ for the Select and Go feature...and it does not work.  Fix the product please.




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Did you have any luck getting your floor plan mapped?

I have a rather large house and it never comlpletes before the battery runs out.


I wish it would simply let you manually plot it 


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I have a large floor plan also...I was able to get it to map wiht alot of effort.  Interesting - mine charged as necessary and continued on to finish.  It took me several tries because as soon as it gets a lift error or something - it cancels the entire process which was extremely frustrating.  It took me 5-6 tries to get it right...


Now that said - the mapping process in the end was useless.  The feature does not work.  The rooms were  not defined - which wasn't that bad but after a couple of runs - it could no longer find certain rooms.  It would take off and return after 2 minutes because it couldn't find it.  The rooms it could find - it progressing cleaned less and less of the rooms.  It provides a map and I kept a couple showing the same area as complete two different times and it wasn't even close to finished the second time.


Since I couldn't use mapping - I just would run it normally which is inefficent but it was working.  However, a little over a week ago - it didn't find its way back...ever since then it was dead.  I returned it to base but could not get it to charge - tried everything per manual, tech support...nothing so I had to send it back.


The vaccum cleans great but I have frustrated because I paid ALOT more for mapping and it does not work at all.  I have been told the are working on resolving it but they do not provide updates or status.  They really need to delivery the basic funcitionality of a "comerical device"  if not they should refund some money or give another option.




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Here's what I've found out during my inital mapping attempts...  Based on its initial attempts to map my home, I believe the "smart mapping" capability was designed primarily to deal with homes that have "square rooms" and "flat ceilings". Unfortunately, my Condo has neither...


The cathedral ceilings in my living room and master bedroom seem to completely baffle the Powerbot Turbo's ceiling camera to the point where it will map about half the room and never even try to go completely to the other side. 


I also have angular walls in my living room and dining room that aren't layed out in perfect squares like the example picture in the select and go option. So if I put the charger on one of the angled walls the the Powerbot Turbo starts on a diagonal and matains that same diagonal on the rest of the rooms in the house, even though they ARE in a square layout, which makes the Powerbot Turbo have to do 10x the number of passes that it would if it just adapted to the orientation of the walls in each room it encounters. So when trying to map a floor that is only about 1200 square feet, it often runs out of battery before it can finish and get back to the charger.


Lastly, when it "thinks" it's done mapping, even if it has plenty of charge left... it often just "gives up" trying to find the charger. Actually, after about 4 attempts at mapping, it's NEVER actually found its way back to the charger on it's own.


VERDICT: The Mapping Function on SAMSUNG POWERBOT TURBO Definitely is *NOT* Ready For Prime Time.


Here are some initial suggestions I would make to Samsung's "Smart Mapping" programmers...


1. If the powerbot can't deal with cathedral ceilings, it should at least be able to identify them and default back to the bump and go method of mapping rooms. Alternately, there should be a setting in the app that allows the user to check "Cathedral Ceilings" to disable the vertical camera during mapping.


2. The powerbot should reset it's "orientation" for each room it encounters. That way if the charger base it placed on a wall that is diagonal to most of the rooms in the home, it doesn't lock itself into "diagonally" vaccuming "square" rooms.


3. The default for how long the Powerbot will search for the Charging station before powering down either needs to be increased SIGNIFICANTLY, or there should again be a user selectable checkbox in the app that gives the user the option to let it search until it runs out of power.


4. The Powerbot should NOT completely kill the ENTIRE mapping process and force the user to START OVER if it stops for any reason during the mapping process, (e.g. gets stuck, gets low on power, loses connection, etc...). There should be a RESUME option whereby the Powerbot can be placed in the general vicinity of where it stopped and let it continue mapping.


5. Finally... There should be a user selectable option to allow the Powerbot mapping function to be "Additive", rather than just a one time function. That way, if it doesn't get the mapping right the first time, each successive time the Powerbot vaccums, it would simply get "Smarter" by adding to the previous map(s) when it discovers any addition (or deletion) of area that it didn't discover in the original mapping set up.  










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We appreciate your input.  We will forward your suggestions accordingly.  

Be sure to click " ✓ Accept as Solution" when you find an answer that works for you.


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Amazing, I'm having the same issues as Will above with the mapping, and the app.

Support has been terrible.  I had an old Neato I was replacing, I guess I am also going to return this expensive thing and get the latest Neato as well.  Bummed because I agree the actual vacuum is pretty great, just the features that made this so expensive just don't work. 


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Just to let you know what I ended up doing.


I returned the expensive version and got the 10x powerbot for $500.  We really did not need the mapping in the end.  We just set it to go off everyday at 11:30 and it works great.  It eventually finishes the job.


You just need to get it in your mind to let it go.  It will find its way to get the floor and all its rooms cleaned.  The vacum power I think is the best in the industry by a long shot.


Have been using it now for 6 months and we love it!  


FYI I was so impressed with this project, I thought maybe this can work for my yard.  Researched that and found robomow.  Check them out at http://www.robomow.com  It worked amazingly well.  We know longer have to vacum our house or mow our lawn.  


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Here are definitive tips for making a floorplan (I have a large open concept home, with lots of furniture):


1.  Block all gaps at bottom of furniture if they can "catch" the bot.  


2.  Pick up all small rugs (entry rugs, sink rugs, etc.)


3.  Put dock in central area with some clear footage around it laterally and forward.  


4.  This may very well fail 2-3 times and the stupid software will reset and not save its previous work.  But allow it to work and recharge and work and it will finally create an accurate floorplan.


5.  Individual rooms will not be saved, it will produce one huge room layout (But maybe illogically subdivide a closet or hallway coincidentally)


6.  I tried using blockades to create multiple "rooms" as individual floorplans, and had success in creating multiple floor plans (one floorplan per "room"); HOWEVER, the bot would not vacuum in the set "rooms" when the blockades were removed.  


7.  However I do like using the floorplan select and go feature as it shows visually that the whole floorplan (my whole first floor) was cleaned.  


good luck to all.  I will say the vacuum is immensely powerful and efficient at removing dust and dog hairs tho.  


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Do you have any experience with the new Android app (SamgsungConnect?) I am trying to create rooms. When I go to the "History" tab on the Robo Vacs page, I see the rooms which have been cleaned, but there is no way to name them. All the online documentation I can find is for an older (easier Smiley Happy) android app. Thank you so much for your time