Samsung POWERbot - never again for me


Samsung POWERbot - never again for me

I bought a POWERbot directly from Samsung in November 2016. I am getting a C03 error. (right wheel not rolling freely). 

Seeing nothing obvious, I contacted Samsung through their online chat. I was told that I would have to send it in as there is no service near me. I bundled it up and mailed it in. 

I received an email from them asking for the receipt. I sent them what Samsung emailed me at the time I purchased it (direcly from Samsung). They said it wasn't what they were looking for. I told them that is all they sent me and what difference does it make anyway, I understand it is out of warranty. I just want an estimate for the repair. I heard nothing. And, besides, they have the unit with the serial number, I would expect they can lookup anything they want. 


A couple days later, I received an email from their service saying it is being sent back to me. No indication if it was fixed, just that they are sending it back. I called them and was told they fixed it (could not provide details on what exactly was fixed) and they tested it and everything is fine. I received it a few days later. Same error C03. 


I called back and asked what is going on. I was told that Samsung is not going to repair things that are not in warranty. I tried local repair shops and they wouldn't work on it. 


I took the whole thing apart and got to the wheel itself. No debris found. So I guess I am looking at a new wheel. I found a place taht would sell it to me for $125. If I sunk another $125 into it, would that fix it? I don't know. 


But here is the deal. I no longer want anything to do with Samsung due to their poor service. I have a TV and a pad from them too that I regret buying. I threw away the vacuum ($500 for 18 months service) and bought a Roomba.  


have fun with your Samsung. The company will not stand behind it


Re: Samsung POWERbot - never again for me

couldn't agree more with you. My pwerbot died out of wrranty and Samung refused to work on it. They give me several places to get it repaired. However no one will repair unit not even Samung. A complete easte of $850. Not sure how Samsung contiues to get away with this scam,