tv and sek-4500


tv and sek-4500

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Can anyone answer the following question with certainty.  The sek-4500 is supposed to be compatible with my un65hu8550fxza UHD tv.  If I add the sek-4500, will I finally be able to view 4k content such as Netflix??? After 4 years of NOT being able to do so, it would be most appreciated!  And further, what will this evo kit actually do for me.  I have seen a lot of conflicting info around the we and I'm hoping to get some solid answers here.

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Re: tv and sek-4500

The unit is compatible and you will be able to view 4k content. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any app in particular will display it since it is developer dependent, that being said, it should display Netflix in 4k. It's basically a computer upgrade for your current display, I would definitely recommend it since 5 years out dates even the best computers.