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10000 fast charge samsung power bank

my brand new power bank was with my friend to charge her phone before the 10 months lockdown.

now I got it back and it won't charge at all.


when I plug in the cable, only the one lid will blink all the time, but no energy is stored on the power bank.

I tried to use different cables and power sources but nothing worked.

I even tried to charge it overnight, but in the morning only that one lid was linking all the time, with no power stored on the portable charger.


What are the possibilities and causes for this to happen? and is there a way to fix it?



Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: 10000 fast charge samsung power bank

Which model do you have? If you have the one with a USB C and USB A port, you can only charge the bank via the USB C port. 


Re: 10000 fast charge samsung power bank

Sounds like your friend owes you a new power bank. Hopefully they come through as a real friend.