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50 Million Unsold A Series Phones?

(Topic created: 06-21-2022 09:47 PM)
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Samsung when will you ever learn? Hate to say it but you shot yourself in the foot. Let's examine why. First you took away the headphones,then you took away the chargers, the headphone jacks and had the nerve to price this year's series higher than last year's series with Exynos chipsets. The A72 needed a 5G/s5G versions like the A52 but still you dropped the ball. The A53/A73 phones needed telephoto sensors with 3x zoom with OIS,Ultrawide sensors with Autofocus instead of useless macro/depth sensors, 4k video recording with gimbal stabilization across all sensors with no shakes and jitters,wireless charge,Samsung Dex,35w to 45w fast charging and 108mp main sensors across the board that's actually useful to compensate for the $500-$600 price tags. Right now you can get last year's A Series brand new for $100 -$200 cheaper from sellers on eBay. Or buy an older flagship series like the S20 series with all the bells and whistles. Point is Samsung stop offering less and taking away features most people love but demanding higher prices. And P.S. the S20/Note 20 series needs to be eligible for the 4 years of OS updates program,Android 13 should not be the capstone. Think about it. 
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