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A10 + work profile + 3th part dialers

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Hello guys.

My first post here. I hope I can help and be helped.

Next ... after many years with other brands, I went back to Samsung. And coming back facing a very annoying problem.

I use a personal account and a work account (also called "G-Suite" or "Google For Work"). The latter creates a "parallel" space on the cell phone, separating contacts, calendar, email, etc., so as not to get along with personal things.

I can configure both, and everything works just fine, except the dialer. It is not copied to the work profile. With that, the calls made and received are "huddled" in the dialer of the personal profile, and this is bothering me a lot.

Another problem that this brings me is that I use another dialer, called TruePhone (super indicated), but in the work profile he claims that the native phone application has been disabled or uninstalled, and only gives me the option to close. As a test, I installed the Google Dialer, and it stops at the screen that asks for permission to manage and make phone calls. In other words: it is not a problem specific to TruePhone - and because it worked perfectly on my previous handsets.

I spent a good part of the morning with the support from Samsung and Google, and Samsung asked to do a hard reset (which had already been done) and / or send the device back for assistance, and we know that this will not solve it. Google strongly believes that it is something related to Knox or the way Samsung deploys the work profile. And I also believe, because in my previous cell phones everything was separate, including the dialer.

Hence, researching more about it and doing other tests, I realized that not all "Phone" apps are copied to the work profile, and I think this is what prevents the separation of the call list and also the installation of third-party dialers. Look at the personal profile (ignore the blue, it's the TruePhone):


In the work profile ...


Hence, I ask: is Samsung really working this way, or is there any way to put the native dialer in the work profile ?? Other devices of the brand, how do they work in this sense, can someone please inform?

My device is an A105M / DS, Android 10, patch from DEC / 2020.

Any tip is welcome. Thank you in advance.

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