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A10E Notifications stop after using Google apps on linked PC

(Topic created on: 3/18/21 8:27 AM)
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Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with notifications sounds ceasing after using Google apps on a linked PC?

I have a T-Mobile A10E with call-forwarding of the carrier number to a Google Voice number. I have synch turned on, both on the phone and on my PC. 

What seems to occur is that using Google Voice or Hangouts on my PC causes notification sounds to not fire off on the phone. Vibration does, as well as notification icons. Restarting the phone seems to cause a reset of the notification sounds to fire off correctly once more.

I didn't see a fix over on the Google boards, so I thought I would try posting here to see if any other A10E users had seen it, or better yet fixed it LOL.


Mike H.

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