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A13 always lagging

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 02:19 PM)
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I have been using Galaxy A13 for past 2.5 months. From the day I bought it has been lagging every now and then. It lag when I switch app. It lags when I scrool social media apps or most of the app for that matter. It lags for a fraction of a second when I minimize the app after using it for few minutes. Video geta freezed sometimes because of this lagging problem. It lags the most when I use camera continuously for sometime. Lags while switching from photo to video in camera. Lags when I scroll down the notification panel. Updated software from service centre twice but no improvement yet. Such a **bleep**ed up device it is. I bought it on EMI and I have been regretting doin it since. 






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Yeah because it's a midrange phone you're not going to get flagship speeds that's why I always buy a flagship more money but better experience.