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A20 A50, neither of them can anyone get Smart lock to work

I have tried over a year with My Phone provider Currently Comcast, to get the 'smart lock' to work as advertised. It just doesn't work unless you remove ALL security and then that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with Smart lock, does it? My old A20 would work in the car but nowhere else. the A50 doesn't care it just locks up no matter where or how it is being used. I can be typing on the screen and after 10 or so seconds it blackout and I have to go through the entire unlock sequence. and facial recognition never works. the fingerprint reader is the wort I have ever used. this keeps getting worse and worse. I have people telling me to get a higher priced phone. Why would I ever pay more money just to be locked out? I am getting ready to become an applesauce fan. My old J7 was the last Samsung that worked and I miss it a lot. At least I could make and answer phone calls on it.