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A20 Black screen

Hello, My galaxy a20 was dropped and now it is glitching and recently went competly black. I can still feel the vibrations of my phone tuning on and some of the touch when i touch my apps and passwords, the only problem is...i cant see it. Does anyone know what it is and how can i fix it for cheap? Also i tried the repair serice on samsung but it seems to make me want so schedule a appointment without giving me any prices, and i dont have enough money to pay alot. Also, locations of these repair services are far and i heard it was a issue with the lcd so i am wondering if i need a whole lcd replacement or a screen replacement as if it was cracked. Lastly, ive been on amazon to see if i can order the repair parts, and the only things i see is a 50-60 dollar lcd replacement in which you have o take all the important parts out and place it in the new lcd replacement part incuding the battery, and ive seen the orange metallic part in which you have to remove the screen and connect it through the back. Which one should I order? And how much would it cost to ge it proffesinally fixed? Some one please help.