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A20 - Hold and other issues

I have an A20 purchased not even a year ago. Have had issues with it since day 1.  People are constantly placed on hold, one day my email screen lit up and was cintinuously scrolling by itself for approx 45 min. Another time all the apps on the screen started to shake and jiggle again for a good 30 minutes or so. Contacted the retailer and they said I had to contact Samsung. Called Samsung support, did some tests but unable to replicate issue.. the Tech said it was an app causing the issue. I replied "but you said there was no issue. Please explain how an app can intermitently interfere with the mechanics and workings of a phone call and randomly place people on hold." His reply ' I cannot explain it as it is too technical for me to understand"... WT?. I said well if you cannot / do not understand it then do not make an assumption it is something you know nothing about. His reply was to take it to a service centre. 

I did this a few days later.. they too said it was an app but also could not explain it...  they replaced the battery, screen and rest things ... withing an hour of reciving the phone back it was placing people on hold. Again I called and was told again to take to a service centre.. this is 2nd time in 2.5 weeks.  This time the wiped everything back to factory setting and said problem fixed same as they said the first time. However this time they advised me not to load any apps which I adhered to. later that night I was on a call and that person was placed on hold. Well this shoots their made up theory of an app causing the issues out the window. Called the tech again and she said lets isolate my apps I said i did load any so none to isolate. She then tells me it need to be evaluated. 

I spoke to Samsung VOC dept and they have also said will need to be evaluated. I said this will be the 3rd time in 4 weeks it has been evaluated. They suggested I download the Samsung members App, which i tried several times over 2 days to do but it would not download. 

Starting to get a pattern here of Samsung fobbing me off hoping that I just give up. I asked if there is someone in Samsung who has the authority to make a decision. This phone is not even 12mths old ... give me a replacement but not anaother A20. I need a phone that is not going to place clients on hold.

Today 3rd feb I have to travel over an hour to a Samsung Store to drop off the phone to be evaluated for the 3rd time. this is my work phone & Samsung do not offer temp phones while your phone is away being evaluated.. that to me is poor customer service. 

Overall customer sevice with Samsung .. score out of 10... -2 at the moment


Re: A20 - Hold and other issues

I hate to hear that! I am so sorry. I've had my phone since the end of December with lots of apps and no issues at this time. Im on my phone all day and night using it instead of my tablet or laptop and making calls without problems. Is it possible that you just got a lemon? Is this not covered under warranty or insurance? So very sorry.