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A205-U bluetooth broken . Both Verison AND Samsung will not resolve

(Topic created: 10-14-2021 11:55 AM)
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As others of this craptastic phone has posted here and around the internet.   Android 9 Bluetooth range was working fine.  Android 10 update didn't fix the range issue, nor did Android 11 fix the range issue.   I contacted Verizon and since i don't live by a repair center they couldn't help me and asked me to Contact Samsung.   (great customer service btw - not)  

Contacted Samsung and they told me VERIZON will have to fix the issue.

long story short.  Neither would help resolve an issue on this phone I'm Still paying for. 

Sure i can turn on Wifi and it fixes the range, but SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS.

my guess samsung employees will have me try clearing cache, resetting network settings, etc. etc. etc. that i've tried mulitple times.    factory reset = same issue.

On top of that Can't root it so i can get rid of all of Samsung's and other bloatware off of this phone i paid for.    hoping the Right to Repair goes through and requires Cell phone companies to allow Rooting of their devices.    At least we can fix the issues you can't.

More than likely there is no fix and the only way for me to have working Bluetooth is to go buy a rootable NON SAMSUNG phone.    for shame samsung, profits over people.

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