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A20s group messaging/speakerphone issues

(Topic created: 08-08-2022 07:41 AM)
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My A20s has had this issue in the past where whenever a firmware update happens, all of my group messages return as individual replies. This issue has been fixable by switching to the alternate sim card slot. However, following the last update I found that when I switched slots I was only able hear my calls using speakerphone. I switched slots again and this issue was resolved, however now my group messages are back to being individual replies again. My group message setting is still on. I ran the diagnostics available in the Samsung app when I first ran into the speakerphone issue. During the testing I was able to hear everything properly. It was only during calls that the issue took place. Not quite sure what to make of this at the moment.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how can I fix it?

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