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A22 won't connect to AIPHONE intercom app

(Topic created: 08-03-2022 12:13 AM)
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Hi, I am having issues with connectivity of an intercom system app. The system is by a company called AIPHONE.
The issues we are having is with the remote connectivity via the phone app. System works fine, but with the clients phones, will only work when connected to wifi, and will not work on mobile data. It will work on any wifi network, not just the same network as the indoor station.
The phones are a Samsung A22 5g.
I have purchased a new phone of the same (another A22) and used my own sim card, and tested with a different unit (at security wholesaler) and it still won’t work.
The phone will receive the notification (even when off wifi) but will ‘fail to connect’ when trying to answer the call, view the door station or remotely release the gates.
We have tried everything (that I am aware of) relating to phone settings with data use, privacy settings, etc etc.
If anyone has any similar experiences, or can confirm the same system works with another cheap-ish phone would be awesome. At this stage the most economically viable option for me is to buy them both new phones
This has been a huge wake up call for me and my business, supplying and installing any automation and app controlled gear, and having to guarantee it will work, when clearly this is a phone or device issue.
Appreciate any input thanks















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@user0LwkF0szx4 You should reach out to the developers of the AIPHONE intercom app.