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A32: Missing sound in Facebook games

(Topic created: 09-02-2022 11:16 AM)
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Hi, all-

I ran into an issue with my phone earlier this week (Galaxy A32); I was hoping for some insight.

I believe my phone received some kind of "Samsung update" (firmware?) on Sunday night. While the update itself seemed to go okay, I have run into a rather unusual problem.

I like to play a number of games offered through the Facebook forum (including Words With Friends and Word Blitz). However, as of Monday morning, while the games still play all right, they no longer play with sound.

I have tried playing them on my PC, and the sound is just fine there. I also charged up my old phone long enough to try playing the games there (purely for testing purposes)- and I found that the sound still works there as well.

With respect to my phone, I do play other games off of the Facebook platform; the sound in these games is likewise just fine. It appears to be only the games offered via Facebook that are having the issue with sound.

I've tried rebooting my phone, nut that didn't seem to make a difference. I've also tried looking at options in Settings to change, but have yet to find anything that has made a difference.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Lee (GLWizard)

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Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out for assistance.


I can completely understand how frustrating this can be with not being able to hear sound while playing your Facebook games.


I see you have mentioned that your phone may have performed some kind of update. Let's try wiping the cache partition on your phone. The system cache partition stores temporary system data. It's supposed to allow the system to access apps more quickly and efficiently, but sometimes things get cluttered and outdated, so a cache clearing on your phone is always good to do after an update. Don't worry, performing this step is completely safe to do, and you will not lose any data.


Here are the steps below to wipe the system cache:

1. At first, press Volume Down and Power button for a couple of seconds to turn off your phone.
2. Now hold down Volume Up and Power key until the Samsung Galaxy logo shows up.
3. After that use Volume keys to select Wipe cache partition and click the Power button.
4. Then go to Yes option.
5. At last, you should choose Reboot system now with the Power key.


When done, just reboot your phone back on as normal. Then test to see if you are still experiencing the same symptoms.


I also, advise you to make sure all of your apps are up-to-date to the latest software this includes Facebook as well.


If after trying the all the steps above, and you're still experiencing no sound in the games you play via Facebook, then I would recommend reaching out to the developers of Facebook to further assist with your concerns. Since you're only experiencing these issues with Facebook games.