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A50 Android Q Update.

My dad just got a new A50 today and I updated everything to the latest versions. Could have sworn I saw it got Android Q recently. Anyone know why his says hes on latest update (Feb 2020 Security Patch).

Product Expert

Re: A50 Android Q Update.

hi @usernI3GE4Bwda 

Thanks for your inquiry. most likely the carrier your device hasn't released their update yet.Once available, updates are released to Carriers and thereafter, it is at the Carrier's discretion to release the update to customers. Since updates are released by Carriers in waves, the update should be released in the following weeks.

you can try to check if you have an update available by following these instructions.

 doing it in the smart switch be your best option if you have a computer.

Note " if you have an unlock model it is better to check the update while the sim card is removed"


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