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A50, In-call speaker and microphone static

I own an A 50. I suddenly have issues with my in-call speaker, my microphone, and my wired headphone connectivity. The in-call speaker produces a very loud static whenever its in use, and my headphones do the same when trying to play music or trying to call someone. The static makes it seem like it is at maximum volume, but with heavy distortion. The headphones also make a very loud static sound when I touch the screen (sound is normal when no headphones are plugged in). My microphone picks up sound, but it is extremely distorted and has static. I am not sure what is causing this issue as the night before it was working perfectly.  I have already used the samsung members app to try to diagnose the issue, and it comes up with the same results when doing the diagnostics tests. I have already tried booting it into safe mode to see if the issue persists, and it does. As far as I am aware, the phone did not get wet at any point in the past few days; I have tried to clean the speaker and the microphone to see if that would fix the issue, and it did not. My bluetooth works fine, and a pair of bluetooth headphones work perfectly. My media speaker works perfectly. I have looked everywhere online to try to see if there is something similar out there, and I have not found anything.