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A51 5G Slow WiFi: Band Steering switches to 2.4Ghz on Mesh Wifi

I purchased a brand new A51 5G the day after it was released in August and immediately noticed a problem with intermittent slow wifi bandwitdh. I have 270 Mbps service and a new Nest mesh router.  The problem would occur randomly and would disappear as soon as I stopped/started WiFi.


I have gone through 2 warranty replacement through my carrier and the problem still hasn't gone away.  After hours on chat with support from Samsung and Google no one was able to diagnose the problem even though I had Samsung Pro Care remotely connect to my phone and verify the problem as well as live diagnostics with Google who helped optimize my router settings.


During my most recent interaction I happened to notice that the A51 5G was using the 2.4Ghz band.  I asked Google and they said the phone was picking that band for some reason because it thought there was a stronger signal.  Once it switches to 2.4 it doesn't matter how close I am to the router, it wil just not switch back and I get wifi speed (device to router) of 5Mbps at times.  As soon as I stop/start WiFi, it connects to the 5Ghz band and all is well for some time.


I contacted Samsung Care Pro again two days ago and asked if there was any way to force the phone to only connect to the 5Ghz band.  After several non-workable suggestions (create a separate 2.4Ghz SSID - on a mesh router!) the Pro suggested that I look for deals and trade-in the device.  


After all the hours I have spent over the past 3 months and the fees I have paid to activate warranty replacements, it is disappointing to be told to trade the phone.


Note: I have multiple Samsung devices, including an S20 on the same network and never see this behavior.  Even my 5 year old Nexus 5X works flawlessly on WiFi.  The A51 5G is the only device with this problem.


Is anyone aware of a way to force a phone to stick to the 5Ghz band and never select 2.4Ghz even if it is available?