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A51 5G restarts continuously unless Airplane mode is on... (Cricket version)

(Topic created: 06-14-2022 05:38 AM)
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Thanks for any insights. I have already purchased a cheaper Cricket phone until I fix or give up on this one…

Long story (below!) short, my A51 5G suddenly only works in complete Airplane mode. Turning on any wireless network/connection causes it to reboot repeatedly until it finally starts but does not recognize a SIM card is inserted.

A week ago my Galaxy A51 5G (which had been fine minutes earlier for calls/texts) suddenly restarted multiple times in a row. After maybe 5 minutes of this, it stayed on but told me there was no sim card installed.

I manually rebooted and the same thing happened - multiple consecutive reboots, until finally it stayed on but told me no sim card was installed.

I subsequently figured out that if I put the phone in Airplane mode (including Wi-Fi/BT off), it stays on... but obviously that largely defeats the purpose of the phone!

I removed/reinserted the SIM card, reset the network settings, uninstalled all non-essential apps, booted to safe mode (still would not recognize the sim card, still restarted when I turned on Wi-Fi), and went to Cricket and purchased a new sim card. None of it helped. 

I finally did a factory data reset, but still the same issue.  

Any insights before I consider the phone a loss?  Anyone else have this issue? 

I have had the phone for 17 months so it is out of warranty. But Samsung, I am a loyal customer of many devices over several decades... help me!



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Try sending an log to SSM APP they might be able to configure the issue and help.

Samsung Members app > Get help > Send feedback > Error reports