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A51 Image and Camera Display

All icons and written content on home and app screens are crisp and vivid.


However, display of images and videos are all washed out.  They are all overly bright and washed out and too heavily light saturated.  I played with resolution, I rebooted, I tried a few things - to no avail. 


Aprreciate any ideas or settings to check out.  I'd like to use camera on phone but so far everything is too bright.   So, images almost look like the reverse of an xray if that makes any sense. 


Thanks for your input and thoughts.    


Re: A51 Image and Camera Display

I found the way to change this. I am a begginer.   I had checked color inversion to be on - so the camera was displaying a negative of all images.   If I select color inversion to be on it changes by backgroud to white.  I would like a black background.  It semes there are some options to ge the black background via a photo (not recommeneded) or an app that provides a black blackground.  


Is there any other way to have color inversion on and the camera able to NOT have color inversion?