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A52 captured HEVC video compatibility

(Topic created: 08-03-2022 08:51 PM)
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Phone: Galaxy A52 4G, Android 12, latest OneUI.

Video captured using HEVC, FHD 30fps. The video played fine on Samsung's own Gallery app. But OneDrive and Google Photos cannot playback the videos properly, resulting in half or even the whole screen turning into solid green.

Uploaded to macOS, same issue with quicklook and quicktime. Same issues as well when the video is played on an iPhone. 

Videos played fine with VLC. 

I tried changing the resolutions, all using HEVC.
UHD: same problem
FHD60: works fine
FHD30: problem
HD30: works fine

Wondering if anybody have the same issue, and whether it's something wrong with Samsung software, or it's more compatibility support of the software/app player?


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