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A53 Stuck in Landscape

(Topic created: 05-17-2022 07:07 AM)
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I got a brand new A53 recently and three times now its randomly gotten stuck in landscape mode so that every app opens in landscape. I'll go to the main screen and turn auto rotate off and back on but sometimes have to do it more than 5 times for it to go back to normal. It did it the first time on Saturday, second time yesterday and third time today. This third time I just said screw it and restarted and it started up acting normal.

It's frustrating because this is a brand new phone and I don't know what's causing it to do this randomly. Not sure if I should take it in to get looked at or not.

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Reproduce issue then report to Samsung Members app > Get Help > Error Report

if it's brand new, it could be a defective sensor... go to samsung members app > get help > diagnostics      and run some tests.