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A71 5G ATT Lock Screen keeps starting after 3 minutes

(Topic created on: 2/24/21 2:24 AM)
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How do I deactivate this lock screen?How do I deactivate this lock screen?
What is causing this lock screen?
How do I deactivate this lock screen?
This lock screen does not seem to be related to the Lock Screen found in the Settings. I have turned off all functions for the Lock screen in settings. No matter what I do, this partially transparent lock screen activates after 3 minutes and annoyingly requires me to slide the lock icon to get rid of this lock screen. As I stated, all lock screen settings are turned off, otherwise, after unlocking this screen I would need to enter my pin or use a fingerprint to unlock the phone a second time. 
I have done a factory reset twice to try getting rid of this lock icon. Changing the settings to 10 minutes makes no difference. I installed the 'Caffine' app to try getting rid of it with no success. The virus scanner that came installed on the phone says I'm free from any viruses. 
Otherwise, the phone seems to be working great, at least for the functions I used so far.

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